Launch of Sheffield Friends of the Earth 2024 Campaign - Save our Seas and Rivers

With five rivers, and a long history of effective community action fighting pollution in Sheffield, we are joining forces with national Friends of the Earth to take action on this critical issue for our local campaign in 2024.

We need volunteers to help plan and deliver this campaign and if you are willing to join us there are some dates for your diary:

Tuesday 26 March 7-8:30pm:  National Friends of the Earth organised a webinar to provide key information on legislative change that is needed for effective environmental protection and their campaigning plans for 2024 on water and air pollution. The recording of the webinar can be found here and the slides can be viewed here.

Monday 15 April 7- 8pm: Sheffield Friends of the Earth Local Group Campaign Planning meeting: There is a national day of action led by Friends of the Earth being planned for May and we need to both plan our local action for the day and a plan for maximising the impact through local media and community engagement. Creative and practical ideas will all be welcome.

This meeting will be on Zoom to maximise accessibility but once we have established a planning group we can also plan in person (and hybrid) meetings to suit the group's preferences.

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 843 9881 6854
Passcode: 794794

Just let us know if you are interested in joining the team for this campaign by emailing and if you are able to join us on 26th March and/or 15 April - hope to see you then!

Useful Resources

You can find more details on the Environmental Rights Bill below:
You can discover where and how often sewage is dumped into our rivers by using the mapping websites below:

The links below are for recent media articles:

Lindy, Liddy & Shaun