How Local Councils Are Acting On Climate: Follow up to May 15th event


How Local Councils Are Acting On Climate

Sandra Bell, Senior Sustainability Analyst for Friends of the Earth spoke at our May meeting. 

Sandra leads a project, in association with climate change charity Ashden, which has now collected over 50 case studies from local councils on action on climate.   Topics include:

  • How is Leicester boosting bus use and cycling in the city?
  • How is Bristol cutting food waste?
  • How has Hull co-designed flood defences with its residents?
  • How is Lancaster aligning its Local Plan with the Climate Emergency?
  • How is Wiltshire making homes warmer and more energy efficient?
  • How is Cambridgeshire raising revenue with solar farms?

Case studies available HERE

Participants in the session felt boosted by the examples given and keen to share these with their local councillors, and relevant council committees to encourage more action. We recognised that starting with small steps was movement! 

The presentation itself is available HERE 

Videos of some of the participating councils speaking about their projects, in a day-long conference can be found on You Tube such as the overarching lessons here and can all be found by searching for 'Ashden Council Climate Action Conference'