Meeting Notes - July 2022


Notes from Sheffield FoE Local Group meeting -  18th July 2022 by Zoom

Attendees: Lindy (chair), Fay W, Shaun R, Greg H, Dorothy L, Nick J, Claire B, Liddy G (notes).

Apologies: Richard S

1.  Lindy opened the meeting with introductions and discussion of individuals’ motivation for joining FoE and for campaigning with the group.

2.  Feedback from May walking meeting (Greg, Liddy, Richard S all joined) – it was suggested we could have more outdoor meets

3.  Update on supporter numbers - Database stands at 490 , Twitter 850 , Facebook 669,  Instagram 67

 U Update on available resources and local activities – Lindy provided an update on ideas and case studies that can be used to generate new ideas. Lindy has put out a press release on the links between the current heatwave and the climate emergency.

5.  Friends of the Earth national campaign strategies - Simon Bowens, regional campaigns lead for Yorkshire joined the meeting to update the group on national priorities.

6.  Home Heating Campaign - Simon reflected on wider context of the climate emergency and recent fuel price/fuel poverty trends and he shared a presentation of the Home Heating Campaign. This links the need to tackle carbon emissions with also addressing fuel poverty, unaffordable energy tariffs and poor housing stock. Priorities include cavity wall insulation where still needed and starts with the neighbourhoods with highest levels of fuel poverty. The report and associated leaflet are available in July for summer stalls. The campaign will launch in September and work closely with local communities and organisations that are already working on housing and fuel poverty issues. There was discussion about need to engage variously with householders, private rental sector and new housing developments and to work other wider campaigns related to fuel poverty.

7.  National Fossil Fuel campaigning - There is also a national FoE Fossil Fuel campaign which aims to tackle the tax breaks and public funding still be given by the UK government to the industry. Also looks at natural environment campaigning to incorporate social justice aspects of access to a greener, less polluted environment and to address deforestation and continuing government subsidies to Drax for biomass.

8.  Simon’s presentation led to further discussion of the various barriers to implementing priorities to improve housing stock and reduce dependence on fossil fuels given the financial costs, practical complexities and lack of political will. A common theme in identifying shared interests with other campaigning groups and working locally at neighbourhood level as well as on national campaigns.


9.  Greg updated the group on plans for a Plastic Free Sheffield Central campaign which would involve a reusable takeaway cup, potentially using Sheffield stainless steel. Currently planning to apply to Sheffield Central funds (ward pot has £25 000 total fund). Proposes to start with a small scheme to demonstrate the feasibility before expanding.

Next Meeting: Monday August 15th 7:30pm – may move to a weekend day and will plan to organise a short walk in a local park before an in person meeting whilst days still fairly long.