Details and ZOOM LINK for April 18th 7:30pm

Sheffield Friends of the Earth are pleased to be joining with Biofuelwatch to share an online viewing of award winning documentary “BURNED: Are Trees the New Coal?” on Monday 18th April at 7:30 (Zoom will open at 7:15pm)


The documentary gives a vivid account of the burning of wood at an industrial scale for energy; the little-known story of the accelerating destruction of our forests for fuel, and probes the policy loopholes, huge subsidies, and blatant greenwashing of the burgeoning biomass power industry.

The #AxeDrax campaign is a key feature of Biofuel's campaigning - and they tell us why here:

'Although Drax Power Station in Yorkshire is phasing out coal burning, it is still the single greatest emitter of carbon dioxide in the UK, burning more wood than any other plant in the world.

In return for trashing forests and fuelling climate change, Drax is receiving massive subsidies, when it should have been closed down years ago. In 2020, Drax cashed in on £2.27 million in subsidies for burning biomass every single day. Meanwhile, subsidies for genuinely renewable and low carbon onshore wind and solar power have been slashed across the UK.

Drax’s biomass electricity counts towards the UK’s legal target of producing 15% of all our energy from renewables in 2020. Yet the same year Drax burned the equivalent of 138% of the UK’s entire annual wood production, to meet only 0.81% of the country’s total final energy demand.'