Sky News Big Ideas with Sheffield Friends of the Earth

On October 12th our Co-ordinator, Lindy Stone, was an 11th hour sub on a Sky News Live panel discussing whether enough is being done to 'build back better'. She joined by Arla Foods Managing Director Ash Amiramahdi, Diane Gilpin of the Smart Green Shipping Alliance and the economist Vicky Pryce to consider the issues.

We're pleased to say she held her own - with some good sound bites tweeted out by Sky News during the programme.  Check out from 17:45 when she's asked if she has confidence in the government's ability to deliver on the targets set for carbon reduction. (Spoiler alert - no!)

Lindy was pleased to be able to push Friends of the Earth's current campaign for the government to refuse permission for Siccar Point and Shell to exploit the Cambo oilfield in the 'expectations of COP26' section right at the end. 

 Keep those fossil fuels in the ground!