As we approach COP26 with the myriad of announcements that the UK and countries around the world will make, how can we ensure that these promises will be kept?

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Well, a start for the UK government would be to come right out and say they will NOT allow oil companies Siccar Point and Shell to exploit the Cambo oil field west of Shetland.  If we are to have any chance of meeting net zero targets and saving the world from devastating climate and nature breakdown, unexploited fossil fuels must stay in the ground! 

The government is holding back from public announcements on the oil companies' application. They argued initially that it was not a government decision but that of the Oil and Gas Authority (made up largely of ex-oil and gas company leaders) . This has been proved to be false and the government have recently accepted that they do have the authority to refuse permission.  The decision rests now with the Department for Business, Enterprise & Industry and its minister, Kwasi Karteng - but ultimately, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

We need to maintain the pressure on the government so that they do not give in to industry pressure. The Cambo oilfield will put into the atmosphere the equivalent of 18 coal fired power stations every year! This would be stupid self-destruction - and would blow a huge hole in the UL's attempts to paint itself as a climate leader.   

Please sign this open letter to the government to express your opposition to the plan.  

Tell the government to refuse permission to exploit the Cambo oil field!

Some major finance companies are seeking to finance this exploitation - they care much more about making a quick buck than about the planet our grandchildren (and theirs!) will inherit.  Write to them - or tweet them, telling them to stop!