Nature Recovery Sheffield

We are set to declare a Nature Emergency for Sheffield. 

Will you join us?

Many of us have been urging Sheffield City Council to declare a biological or ecological emergency. To support this, a group of us are working together on what we’re now calling the Nature Emergency. 

We have set up Nature Recovery Sheffield to take this forward. Current partners, alongside ourselves as Sheffield Friends of the Earth  include Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, Sheffield Green Parents, Sheffield Climate Alliance, Diocese of Sheffield, Owlthorpe Fields Action Group and Kids Plant Trees. 

Find out more about Nature Recovery Sheffield

Over the coming weeks, we will ask hundreds of organisations, businesses, families and individuals across the city to declare a Nature Emergency for Sheffield on Friday 21st May. 

How you can help?

Step 1 - Sign up to the declaration here and we’ll send you more information 

Step 2 - Ask friends, family and followers to do the same by sharing the link. Please tell everybody what we’re doing and why. 

Step 3 - Declare an emergency with us on Friday 21st May.

What next?

We know the declaration is just the first step. After that, we will set up a consultation for businesses, political bodies, individuals, funding bodies and organisations like yours who wish to be involved in Nature Recovery Sheffield. We expect this initial meeting to be in June.

We will then work together to: 

  • Find solutions that are great for people and great for nature, solutions that also help tackle the climate crisis. 
  • Set targets and a timeline. What does success look like for Sheffield’s nature recovery?
  • Take action to bring back wildlife - from small actions in everyday life to securing more land and water that’s great for nature.
  • Act locally, think globally, linking what we do in Sheffield with actions around the UK and world.
  • Ensure everyone in Sheffield can experience and enjoy the benefits nature brings.

Please help us bring to life a Nature Recovery Plan for Sheffield!