Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill

At our meeting in February we welcomed David Green, a long time FoE supporter who also worked for FoE on their Energy campaign. He is now part of a team voluntarily advising on the CEE bill as part of the CEE Alliance.

David shared a presentation on the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill now going through Parliament as a cross-party members bill. He explained much of the background and context to the bill and the way in which the bill's supporters both within and outside Parliament were lobbying to get debate time in the Commons, since Parliament is not currently sitting on Fridays which is traditionally the time given over to such debates. Opposition party leaders are currently being targeted to both support the Bill and to give up Opposition time in the House of Commons to allow time for it to be debated.

David spoke about the importance of building alliances, and using our existing alliances, to lobby and generate wide support for the campaign It is crucial to engage as widely as possible across civic society, as well as across environmental campaign groups.

It is important to ensure that MPs get the message of support from a wide range of constituents. We discussed how best to lobby Sheffield MPs, two of whom Clive Betts and Olivia Blake, have already signed up as supporters of the Bill. As members of the shadow front bench, Louise Haigh and Paul Blomfield had not yet signed. We also noted potential to lobby Sheffield peers in due course to ensure support when the bill goes to the Lords.

CEE Bill Alliance