Simple Steps to Combat Climate Change - event summary (& video)

We were delighted to have nearly 90 people at our online event on February 27th (even on a beautiful Saturday morning 😎 ) -  Simple Steps to Combat Climate Change.  This was organised in partnership with local neighbours Rotherham Climate Action  We had three presentations on Simple Steps to take at home, in the community and in the workplace. You can watch a video recording of the presentations   HERE 

Helen Francis of RCA with customary energy and enthusiasm gave us 15 tips in 15 minutes on steps to take at home, many of the tips linked to local businesses and organisations promoting a greener lifestyle. This was followed by an inspiring talk from campaigner Kendra Ullyart from Darlington Friends of the Earth about the work they have done locally in the community.  Andy Cameron, founder and CEO of sustainable business Intelligent Facility Solutions completed the presentations, inspiring us with the possibilities demonstrated by the account of the journey his business went on to become 'greener'. 

Participants engaged energetically in the chat and then in Breakout rooms - their questions and answers can be read here. Finally (aren't we good to you?) highlights of the tips are also available. (You may need to be patient getting through to the links, but they should work.) 

Picture Source: Helen Francis