Build Back Better Letter to Dan Jarvis

As part of the Build Back Better and the Green New Deal campaigns we have sent the following letter to Dan Jarvis MP and Mayor of the Sheffield City Region.

Dear Dan Jarvis,

I am writing on behalf of Sheffield Friends of the Earth, following a meeting yesterday evening.

Please find attached a letter explaining our belief that the principles of a Green New Deal should underpin both a) the region’s recovery from the Covid pandemic and associated economic crisis and b) the SCR’s more general economic plans for the region. You will no doubt receive other letters very similar to this, but we fully subscribe to the views of GND UK, and the local hub developing here in South Yorkshire.

We are firmly committed to the view that we must take this ‘opportunity’ (however discordant a note the use of that word sounds) to address the impending climate crisis at the same time as the economic crisis. Without this focus, the climate crisis will hit us harder and faster soon after any ‘recovery’ - to the detriment of us all.

Yours sincerely

Lindy Stone
Coordinator - Sheffield Friends of the Earth

By Chris McAndrew -, CC BY 3.0,