Group Development

Local Group Day Group
If you can't make the evening meeting then we have started a new day group which will meet a day later on Tuesday at 10.30 am, DINA Venue, 32 Cambridge St, Sheffield S1 4HP. As this is a new meeting please contact us to confirm the venue and time (

Action Network
The potential of the Action Network as a platform for activities such as petitions and campaigns has now been explored by Helen, Abi, Thea and Tamara. In terms of priorities, they have identified that we can use it to share any current petitions we want to support and/or actively promote (rather than duplicating effort). We have created a petition addressed to Dan Jarvis as City Region Major asking him to declare a climate emergency for the region as a whole and develop a region-wide strategy. We will be asking people to sign up to  the Action Network so they can then be alerted to updates including new petitions or campaigning activities.

We agreed to effectively  close the Google Groups as it is not active and we can suggest people sign up to the Action Network group instead.

Social Media
Social media including  Facebook and Twitter are active now, there is potential to reach more people, particularly younger people, using Instagram. Helen will put out tweets on behalf of the group if members share things with her by email.

Picture Source: Pixabay