Group Development

Helen shared a presentation from the webinar on ways to develop and grow the local group. First steps include understanding our shared priorities (for example capacity building, retention, communication) and she highlighted the importance of ensuring everyone has a role and can make a positive contribution.

The Action Network has potential to be really useful to the group as a platform for campaigning but would need active management. The group has agreed that a subgroup is needed to both initially try using the Action Network to set up a petition and develop some specific ideas for actions for group development using the Action Network longer term.

Their will be a Day Group meeting at 10:30 on 27 August – the plan is to have a morning meeting on the Tuesday after the Monday evening meeting and potentially start with a “Day Group launch”.

Shaun provided an update on copyright issues with photographs and confirmed that website is now using a Sheffield FoE account;  Facebook access and Twitter access can be provided if there is interest in active posting/management of social media. We can also use Google Share to aid sharing information and documents.

Picture Credit: Pixabay