Clean Air Campaign

Clean Air Demo
Sheffield City Council's Clean Air Consultation was launched on 1 July and there was an interview and photo in the Sheffield Star. See the article here.

Picture Credit: Richard Souter

Clean Air Zone Consultation
Individuals can respond and there is also potential for a Sheffield Friends of the Earth local group response as an organisation. The issues for FoE were discussed and Richard is co-ordinating a group response. There will be a meeting to finalise a group response at 7pm on 12 August in the Red Deer.

To have a say see the citizen link here.

We have delivered further clean air school assemblies.  There is also another local organisation based in Howden House running a schools accreditation plan for supporting active travel.

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South Yorkshire Freedom Riders have been in touch about campaigning for free and improved public transport and we will respond to highlight areas of shared campaigning around transport.

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