Groundswell Event - June 2019

The FOE event for activists in the North held in Manchester on the 1st of June. Richard, Tamara, June and Amy attended. 6 key areas for the FOE Climate Action Plan are Transport – stop sale of petrol and diesel cars, Renewable energy and Green Jobs, Buildings – ecofriendly insulation, Agriculture – stop mass agriculture, trees -  double tree cover, International  Justice to support climate solutions.

There were workshops on local action and anti–fracking, keep it in the ground. One of the pledges from the day was an ask to look at  setting up a Climate Action group in Sheffield.  Amy to share information on what issues and campaigns areas other groups are working on for the group to think about if an action group would be a good idea. Helen suggested focusing on changes to businesses hubs, crisp recycling and water refill campaign and reducing plastic as a starting point. Abbey gave the example of looking at the Co2 credit of a product.

Picture Source: Friends of the Earth