Other Group News - November 2018

Richard and Liddy manned a stall at the Peace & Craft fair and sold some plastic-free products from “Unwrapped” in Crookes, collected signatures for anti-fracking and plastics campaigns; got people to sign up to online FoE climate change petition.

Group Development
Simon Bowens introduced some ideas for developing the local groups and asked for feedback from the group. Plans including developing our international links with other activist groups and increasing the support for local activists, particularly for “grass roots” campaigns that can link up with other campaigns round the country. There needs to be potential for those who take on line action with national FoE to get more involved in action locally.  Also for increasing diversity of those involved including families, all age groups.

Potential support from national FoE:  Examples of linked networks in the anti-fracking campaign which could be spread to other campaigns. Support can also include more training events or campaign topic focused events e.g. legal and planning systems expertise. Regional gatherings will be “mini Basecamps” in future and aim to bring more people in to do more active campaigning.

Action Network is a platform and tool for online actions that ensures we can get contact details and build a database of supporters directly.  Southampton have successfully used to get people who signed a petition to come to a “Clean Air Cafe”.

As many people, particularly young people, relate to a ”cause”  or specific issue rather than the organisation (FoE) it is worth considering focused actions/meetings about a specific campaign.

Drew suggested a hub/private portal for FoE discussions. Expertise around recruitment and retention of active members mainly lies with local groups and could be shared. Need balance between events - both local and centrally organised – and on line/social media engagement.

Positive Money talk
Gerry Penny would like to provide the group with a talk about Positive Money. This was not discussed as we overran. To discuss at a future meeting.

Next Meeting and Christmas Social
Our Christmas social will take place on Mon 17 December. The meeting will start at 7.00pm - 7.30pm with the meal to start at 7.30pm. Liddy will circulate menu and collect bookings.

If sending a payment by post, send to E Goyder, 23 Nairn St, Sheffield S10 1UL. If easier to pay by bank transfer rather than cash or cheque, just let me know and I will send you my account details.  e.goyder@sheffield.ac.uk