Plastics Campaign Update - October 2018

Shaun reported that Liddy has been in discussions with Sheffield Festival Of Debate 2019. They approached Sheffield Friends of the Earth regarding an environmentally themed day during the festival.

Drew discussed the options for screening ‘A Plastic Ocean’ in the near future. Friends of the Earth Sheffield hope to secure a viable venue by November. Drew to complete the event proposal for Sheffield Festival of Debate 2019 before 5th November.

Friends of the Earth's Plastic Action Plan is in the final stages and will be released soon. Anyone interested in discussing the plan with their local MP should contact Edward Burke ( Please also let us know in the Sheffield group.

Richard and Drew discussed the recent meeting with 65th Ecclesall Brownies where Friends of the Earth Sheffield provided a talk and some fun activities centred on plastic waste and it’s threat to marine life. We would be pleased to consider holding similar events on Climate and Environmental related themes for any group: children, youth or adults. Please contact us if you're interested. Shaun suggested it may be possible to take bookings for future talks and event evenings through the website and/or Facebook page

Richard to take the Friends of the Earth national conference call on the 17th October

Richard to send a response to the recent enquiry regarding monitoring emissions at the Sheffield incinerator

Take Acton - Can you help with our next stall?
Richard will be running the Friend of the Earth stall at the Peace & Craft Fair on the 3rd of November.  Set up from 9 am (stall to be set up by 10:45am latest)Anyone willing to help run the stall can sign up here: