Other News - August 2018

Group Development Work
Shaun has discussed with Simon Bowens at Friends of the Earth's regional office and established that regionally and nationally FoE want to help local groups much more than in past. Simon is our primary contact and Carla is leading on provision of training and group activities likely to mainly be in 2019. They discussed the need for small campaigns that don’t require major resources and FoE is developing “campaign in a box” materials that might help. Shaun will invite Simon to our next meeting (September –or October if September not feasible) to discuss further ways they can help. Shuan is also exploring the Action Network site to see how we might use it for petitions and campaigning.

Art Project in Paradise Square 
We have shared information about an Art Project in Paradise Square and the recruitment of 500 women is apparently going well. The project is about women and political campaigning.

Low-Carbon Economy 
Richard has been interviewed by Ana Laranjeira from Imperial College London for Just Transition to a low-carbon economy project.