Fracking Campaign - July 2018

June updated the group on the latest developments with the anti-fracking campaign.

INEOs have submitted a new application, almost identical to the one which was unanimously rejected by RMBC. They have sent letters to the councillors and residents of Woodsetts saying they won at Harthill, they are going to win at Woodsetts and they will ask for RMBC to pay their full costs.

Marsh Lane
Public Enquiry finished on 29th June. Congratulations and hearty thanks for a sterling effort from the Eckington Against Fracking Team, Derbyshire CC and others who supported them. A decision is expected in mid-August.

The government has overruled Rotherham council’s decision and granted INEOS permission to build a test well. Harthill Against Fracking will request a judicial review.

Misson Springs
Work has been suspended at Misson due to the owl breeding season.

Tinker Lane
Work has been temporarily halted while a study is conducted after a hobby bird was sighted.
All 5 sites above desperately need funds.

Preston New Road (Lancs)
Residents are demanding that fracking should not be allowed until Cuadrilla have issued an Emergency Evacuation Plan in the event of an emergency.

7th earthquake in Surrey
Residents are demanding an investigation after the 7th earthquake this year. Previously there has been no seismic activity for 50 years. “We think that serious questions should be asked, especially in connection with the two [oil and gas] sites nearest to the epicentres: Brockham and Horse Hill.”
The British Geological Survey have said “We are unable to say categorically if these earthquakes are related to hydrocarbon exploration or production in the Weald, mainly because of the uncertainties in our estimates of the earthquake epicentres and depths.”

Recent events
  • 8th July. SAF had a stall at Ridgeway. Good response from the public as it is very close to Marsh Lane. 
  • Friday 22nd June, Wheelies for Water: People cycled round Sheffield city Centre and then on to Blackburn Meadows where there were speeches. There was a good turnout.
  • Saturday 14 July: Mosborough Against Fracking hosted a stall at Beighton Gala;  Frack-free South Yorkshire hosted a stall at Harthill Carnival.   

Future events
  • Wednesday 18 July, 7.30pm, We Are Going to be Fracked. Barlborough Welfare Club.                  Guest Speaker is Ian Crane
  • 12th August, South Yorkshire Show, Frack-free Penistone and Stocksbridge will have a stall
  • 27th August, Sheffield Show in Norfolk Park. SAF will have a stall
  • 2nd September, Ecclesfield Gala. Frack free Eccclesfield and Chapeltown will have a stall 
  • 23rd July, meeting in the school rooms at Woodsetts. 
  • Woodsetts Against Fracking want to host a huge event to include all anti-fracking groups in the area. 13th October was suggested as this is “Global Frackdown Day”. It hasn’t been decided yet whether it will be in Sheffield or Rotherham.

The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee, which was chaired by Clive Betts has published its report
  • It warned against treating the applications for test drilling as permitted development
  • It opposed bringing fracking into the National Infrastructure Plan, saying it should not be treated any differently from other forms of energy.
  • It said the definition of fracking should be made clear, to ensure that anything involving artificial fracturing should be subjected to the appropriate regulations. 
The All Party Parliamentary Group chaired by Lee Rowley has challenged the new legislation
INEOS have asked the government for financial help to build a new chemical plant at Hull. They said they may take the project to Belgium if the government refuses.

Update from Richard
Richard attended a meeting about Regional Strategy and there are four groups looking at different aspects including Water (Richard contributing) and a further Regional Strategy Meeting on 18 Aug  (organised by David Burley).