Air Pollution Update February 2018

Shaun mentioned that the future Friends of the Earth campaign is likely to focus on idling cars but we are awaiting strategy from Friends of the Earth.

Richard shared materials from Healthy Air Leeds campaign.

The big solutions to tackle air pollution in Sheffield at the moment are:
£1.9m will be invested to retrofit 117 buses across the Sheffield network with emission reduction technology. Once upgraded, the buses will produce less NOx emissions per kilometre than many types of modern car. The retrofit will reduce NOx emissions of buses to Euro VI standard, complying with standards set out in the council’s Clean Air Strategy. Upgrade work will be prioritised on the bus routes that travel through the worst pollution corridors – particularly First’s routes 51, 52a, 75/76, 81/82, 95 and 97/98, plus the Stagecoach routes 7 and 25. These buses travel around 7.8 million kilometres each year (4.8m miles) and so this prioritisation will significantly improve air quality across the city. For more details see:

Hydrogen Vans
Amey has two hydrogen powered vans at its depot at Olive Grove. It is gearing up to run another 15 electric vehicles to replace the current diesel vehicles. Hydrogen for the vehicles will be provided by ITM Power from their hydrogen station based at Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in Sheffield – one of only a handful of hydrogen refueling stations outside of London. The hydrogen used is produced on site using renewable energy from a wind turbine. For more details see

Ofo Bikes
The Ofo bikes have been a huge success in Sheffield and hundrens more bikes are due soon. For more details see