Fracking - May 2017

John’s MP (Natasha Engels, NE Derbyshire/Labour and Deputy Speaker) is apparently personally in favour of fracking.  There are active fracking plans in several areas and so public consultations are underway and there may be opportunities to lobby current MPs and candidates between now and the election as well as opportunities for raising public awareness.

Fracking Media Training
Training has been developed for people who are opposed to Unconventional Gas exploration & extraction (Fracking) and who wish to improve their abilities to engage with the mainstream media.

This is the basic content for the day:
  1. Know 10 different ways to interact with the media.
  2. Know what research to do before dealing with the media (research about the media not about fracking).
Key messages.
  1. Be able to create excellent soundbites.
  2. Have practise being interviewed by a supportive journalist.
  3. Have practise being interviewed by a challenging journalist.
  4. Be able to bridge to a point you want to make.
  5. Know how to write a good news release.
The event is run by Seeds for Change helping us to Skill up, co-operate and take action.

The training is free, the room probably will not be, so a small donation is asked for.  I'm expecting no more than a couple of pounds each. However, do not let an empty purse put you off (time rich people are vital and VERY welcome), come anyway and I'll feed you fine tea and biscuits too.

The idea is to encourage every local group to have at least two identified Media Reps, fully trained up, with their own network of journalists etc: ready to get the word out to the right people at the right time. This workshop is designed specifically to give you some of the skills and the confidence to use them.

This workshop is open to anyone, whatever level of skills / knowledge you have at present. You do not need to be part of a group to attend.

Please bring lunch/ snacks for the day. There will be teas/coffee provided.

To book please contact Jo Brierley on the Facebook event or phone/text me on 0777 609 1439 or

Other key resources are: and