Air pollution Update - May 2017

The original 5 diffusion tubes we installed around the city centre were lost in the post when sending them back to Friends of the Earth. We will put another set of monitoring tubes in highly polluted areas of the city as previously suggested.

Our Festival of Debate Silent Killer Air Pollution Debate still has space for 50 people.

  1. Shaun will provide list of identified sites (from Richard's work) and Beatrice will install the tubes on Thursday.
  2. Shaun will register our interest in the Friends of the Earth Day of Action which takes place on Sat Jun 24 or Sat 1 July (we decide the date). Please get in touch if you'd like to get involve
  3. John to ask SCA to send advert/reminder of the Festival of Debate event to their mailing lists
  4. David to collect leaflets for a stall before the event; also plan an article to report after the event.