Any Other Business - March 2017

Campaigns survey
There are many campaigns that Friends of the Earth could run. But with limited resources they need to make a choice, focusing on the package of campaigns that a) makes the biggest real-world difference in protecting our environment, b) gets more people volunteering their time with us on and offline and c) raises the money we need to function.

The Senior Leadership Team will consider results alongside input from staff and office volunteers by the 29 March and make the final choices regarding our work for next year, subject to Board approval. These are great opportunities for you to feed into the direction Friends of the Earth will take regarding our local group network and our campaigning impact.

If you’re planning to visit a garden centre or DIY store to get your garden ready for spring, why not help with our new peat survey? With the National Trust, RSPB and Plantlife we’re asking people to help us get a snapshot of how many shops are still selling peat and if they are offering their customers a decent range of peat-free alternatives. You can help by using our quick online / mobile phone survey by 27 March, telling us where and when you saw peat being sold.