Air Pollution Campaign Update - January 2017

Air Pollution Kits
Five of the air pollution monitoring kits have arrived and are with John and Hayley. A discussion was held regarding placement and it was agreed that they would be placed at the following sites:-
  • Train Station, 
  • Gleadless Town End, 
  • Bramhall Lane (now Mullberry Street instead) 
  • Western Park
  • Netherthorpe 
  • Another member was also going to install their own kit at Malin Bridge in Hillsborough.
The action to install them took place on Sat 28th Jan and a press release was issued to the Sheffield Star and Sheffield Telegraph. The tubes will be collected on Saturday 11th Feb.

If you'd like to follow the progress of the diffusion tubes then you can see them on Friends of the Earth's interactive map. Sheffield City Council also have an air pollution monitoring map of Sheffield which can be found here.

A diffusion tube being installed outside the Children's Hospital

Festival of Debate
Aron has agreed to contact Medact to arrange speakers for our Festival of Debate air pollution event which will take place in spring. More information will be provided in the coming months.