Trade Deals Update - September 2016

The Festival of Debate will have a debate on trade agreements on Thursday 6th October, 6:30 pm at the Quaker meeting House (tickets are free but need to be booked in advance). There are also debates on climate change, fracking and of course, our cowspiracy film. See to book tickets

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau will come to Brussels for the CETA treaty signature on 27-28 October. It is expected that  the treaty will be provisionally implemented within a few months (or weeks) of being signed, before it is ratified. At an unspecified date between December 2016 and early 2017, the EU parliament will be given a simple Yes/No vote on CETA, without the right to make any amendments. CETA proponents would prefer this to be as early as possible (on December 13-15).

We are lobbying our two regional Labour MEPs (R. Corbett and L. McAvan) to ask that the committees that they chair or belong to fully assess the impact of the treaty before they make their recommendations to the EU parliament (meaning the committees should take the time to consider arguments against the deal and independent expert opinion, not just follow the recommendations of the EU commission).

The Leeds members of the network against TTIP  have organised a public meeting with Richard Corbett in Leeds on Saturday 22 October, 11.00 am to 1.00 pm. Unfortunately, the activists could only find a small room so the "public" at the meeting will be limited to 20 people maximum by the room size. Francois will represent Sheffield Friends of the Earth.

The meeting with Linda McAvan will happen on a Friday or Saturday in October (a September date had been agreed but last week it was no longer possible hence the current re-scheduling in progress). The McAvan lobbying group has 5 members at the moment (including representatives of Global Justice Sheffield, Sheffield Friends of the Earth, Unison and "save our NHS"). As Linda McAvan has agreed to meet a maximum of 6 lobbyists, there may still be one place available if someone is interested, and perhaps more if one of the five can't make it on the date. Also, if anyone wants to help us prepare the lobbying then please let Francois know.