Habitats Campaign Update - August 2016

Smithy Wood
David mentioned that the Woodland Trust will be organising a litter pick in Smithy Wood on either the 4 or 11 September, with the 11th being the most likely date. Wheel barrows and equipment will be provided so if you fancy getting involved then please contact the Woodland Trust. The Woodland Trust also liked our idea of a photography competition.

David hasn't had time to contact Steve Wilson (Sheffield City Council) about the ancient woodland as he has been busy looking at the legal issues regarding the company wanting to build the motorway service station on the ancient woodland. We can't say too much about this at the moment.

Our appeal for legal help hasn't had any responses. If you can help with legal knowledge then please get in touch.

The Ramblers are also against the development at Smithy Wood. See the article in The Star here.

Action Points:
  1. David to look at the legal issues regarding the company and contact Private Eye and The Guardian.

Elm Trees
David had technical problems with his email so he didn't manage to communicate this message to our wider members about the planned destruction of these trees in Sheffield. However, the local campaigners managed to get their campaign mentioned in The Guardian. See here.