Food Campaign Update - August 2016

Beverly and Louise from Sheffield Climate Alliance attended our meeting to see how we can work together on food issues. They have already created a drop box for storing information and they have meetings with the editor of The Star to see if they can get food issues into the paper. We were given their latest leaflet about the link between food and climate change.

We are working with Festival of Debate and Regather to host a film screening of Cowspiracy. It will be screened on Thursday 17 November with doors opening at 6.30pm. The film will start at 7pm followed by a discussion at 8.30pm. At 9pm the event will formally finish but we have agreed to keep the bar open for a bit longer if people want to chat and drink for longer.

We believe the Real Junk Food project will be open downstairs for food before the film starts.

Shaun went through a list of activities we might want to undertake to raise publicity for the film screening which is part of our flexitarian food campaign. A separate email will be sent out to active members with activities already completed and action points.