Smithy Wood Update - July 2016

We are still waiting for the S106 clause to be implemented regarding compensation. The Legal council is involved to help with this.

There is a lot of evidence to show links to Panama companies for tax avoidance. David will continue looking into this, but if you have any legal knowledge then please get in touch if you feel you can help us.

The planning application has to show need, which is critical to the development getting approval. The fact that it is ancient woodland is not sufficient if they can show that there is a need. Again, if anyone has planning or legal knowledge then please get in touch,

The Woodland Trust suggested a demo/litter pick on 13th August. Rather than this, we suggested a photo competition show casing all the wonderful aspects of the ancient woodland or a nature trail to promote reasons to support Smithy Wood. There is a myth about a Dragon which could be explored.

The HS2 development was planned to go via smithy wood which could have resulted in compensation for any developers. A question was asked about how the new HS2 route will affect the development.

David taking part in a TV interview at Smithy Wood. Picture Credit: Shaun Rumbelow