Food Campaign Update - July 2016

We have looked once more at the aims, objectives, our vision and strategy to help move our flexitarian food campaign forward. Our main aim is to raise awareness which will keep it simple and easily to attain our goals. We need to be opportunistic to get the message across whenever we can.

We have now got loads of booklets from national Friends of the Earth which we can hand out to the public. Click here for the electronic copy of the book.

Francois is to do the next food blog and he will send it as a letter to the Star (again to raise awareness and to reach a wider audience).

Food waste was mentioned and what we can do on an individual basis. We can also look at the use by/sell by dates and how so much food is wasted due to lack of understanding of these dates. Maybe this could be a future blog post and an article to the newspapers. We now have a great recipe book which is ongoing and we could also include recipes for using leftovers.

The question was asked about how sustainable alternatives are like Quorn. Is anyone up to doing some research into this?