Other News - June 2016

June Meeting
Our monthly meeting for June was shorter than normal meeting with fewer people attending. This might have something to do with holidays and an England football match.

Facebook Update
Our Facebook page now has 125 people liking it. There has been a gradual increase over time with peaks coinciding with the Barclays’ fracking demonstration and our food adverts.

We had to cancel the stall at Sharrow as we did not have anyone to run it. We’ve decided to go to Stannington on 9th July, but we need to know as soon as possible if we have enough people to run the stall.

Film Festival
We would like to organise another film festival later this year, so Shaun agreed to contact the Festival of Debate to see if with can join forces with them in October. People suggested films about food and air pollution. If you know of some good films then please let John know.

Waste strategy
There is an opportunity to comment on the South Yorkshire Waste Strategy for 2016-2021.  See link here.The closing date for comments is 31 July 2016.

Talks and Outings
Shaun tried to contact the Master Cutler with a view to talking about electric cars. It looks like there were problems with the email invitation we sent so this hasn’t happened.

We also suggested organising a trip to ITM power to look at their clean electricity to hydrogen systems. Beatrice is going to organise this.

Shaun mentioned that it would be a good social outing to clean a beach with the Marine Conservation Society between September 16-19 near Hull. We could clean the beach for a few hours and have a trip out to the seaside. See link here. Does anyone fancy this?