Food Campaign Update - June 2016

The food campaign appears to be stalling at the moment as the meetings have not been taking place for various reasons. It was suggested that we have online/email talks but this did not come to anything.

John has already written an article for our food blog and Beatrice is to write the next one about her experiences during Meat Free May. Shaun suggested that we should write the next one as a letter or an article for The Star and use this as part of the blog to reach a wider audience as only a few people will read our blog posts.

There is a new food leaflet entitled “16 things you need to know about food” which has recently been published by Friends of the Earth. Click here to view the booklet on-line. Shaun has ordered 100 copies for our stalls together with a few other food leaflets. These are on the way and should be delivered before our next stall.

To reach a wider audience with the campaign, Shaun paid less than £10 for several Facebook adverts, but we are not sure how successful these have been. We targeted three audiences from foodies to students and people liking slimming/dieting groups. The group of people interested in food showed very little interest. Only one student liked our post but didn't actually open the booklet. The best response to our adverts were from people interesting in dieting.  At the next meeting we need to consider who else we can target and whether it is sensible to use Facebook for advertisements. John will also promote our food messages on Twitter.

We reviewed the Sheffield Climate Alliance food leaflet, but we thought that it lacked facts and was very focused on industrialised food production and food waste without any flexitarian issues. It was mentioned that Sheffield University is reexamining its pledge on sustainability and Sheffield Hallam University is holding a food waste conference for business (this has since been cancelled).