TTIP, CETA and TISSA Campaign Update

CETA, the trade agreement between the EU and Canada has been finalised and will be ratified next month. It is more urgent as there could be some implementation before the final date. It is not quite so bad as TTIP as it does not have the ISDS section where corporations can sue governments if there is a policy change.

The main discussion was on trying to look at ways of talking to Sheffield City Council to make Sheffield a TTIP free zone, as we did so Sheffield is now Frack Free. We would be looking at discussing with other environmental groups to help with the lobbying of SCC. Beatrice will email SCA, Global Justice, etc. If anyone has any contacts which you think would like to be included please let us know.

Kirklees CC was successful in passing a motion (at the moment it is still pending) to be TTIP free zone so we are looking at their model.

The next stage would be to ask councillors to attend a workshop to discuss the effects of TTIP. We would definitely need help with this. Global Justice has suggested that the workshop would be held in September which should give us time. The first step is to work out our aims and objectives and pass these round other groups to discuss.