Food Campaign - May 2016

Sheffield Friends of the Earth Food Campaign
The food campaign is now live so we should be getting more information from the national food group with lots more resources that we can give out. We also need to finalise our recipe book so that can go out too. If anyone has any time to help with this please let us know. Maybe we could split it up so that the burden does not fall just to one person?

Meat Free May
It is Meat Free May so we had a discussion on how people were getting on with this. The answer? Not too good. But it is highlighting some of the difficulties around this. The flexitarian approach seems to be working much better. Ideas suggested

  • Sunday dinner then using the left overs for the rest of the week.
  • Eating more fish.
  • Just buying less meat.
  • John has done one blog and it is suggested that one of us submits a blog each month. Beatrice said she could do the next one of her experiences of Meat Free May. 

Vegan Events
The Sheffield Vegan Approach is an event taking place on Saturday 4th June at Sheffield Quaker Meeting House, 10 St James Street.

Free Intro to Vegan Workshop 10am-12pm
Have you been thinking about going vegan? Try it for a month with lots of help, support and free resources. Arrive at 10am for a free introduction to veganism workshop where we run through our 10 easy steps to going vegan. Limited spaces available. You will also receive:

  • Free vegan food samples
  • Free recipe booklets
  • Free online resources
  • Free access to online coaching
Free Vegan Food Fair 12pm - 4pm
All welcome! Come and sample an amazing selection of sweet and savoury vegan dishes. There will also be a selection of vegan campaign and business stalls to browse along with talks from the experts and free films. See link here for more details.