Stalls - April 2016

Wortley Hall is now booked and paid for for Sunday 8 May. Dave and John have volunteered to run this stall but we will need more people to help. Please get in touch if you can spare a couple of hours.

Sheffield Climate Alliance would like to hold a stall on the 11th June from 12-8 at Peace in the Park. We need to decide if we want to have a stall or share one?

We have encouraged everyone to look on our website's diary page for all the dates so far and bring your diaries next meeting so that we can plan more stalls..

We need things to attract people to the stall. Giving away seeds for children is one good example. We still have some packets but maybe we should get some more.

Can anyone store the gazebo? Richard has it at the moment but he is having problems with his garage. John and Hayley can have it temporarily but we need someone who can look after it in the long term..

As a matter of policy we need to make sure that no one has to run a stall alone? No matter how confident people feel there might just be that one time when you are made to feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. It is always good to have some support around you.