Food Campaign

International Day of Peasant Struggle
On Saturday 16th April, Global Justice Sheffield joined forces with a number of other groups to hold a stall on Fargate. The groups involved were, Sheffield Friends of the Earth, War On Want, Grow Sheffield, Regather, Sheffield Climate Alliance, Village Aid, and The Food Assembly.

The purpose of the stall was to highlight the International Day of Peasant Struggle (which falls on 17th April). The aims are for small-scale farmers to have control of their own livelihoods through fair access to land and water, and for all of us to have affordable healthy food in line with our culture.

Having spent time on the stall, Francois suggested that we have a draw like giving away seeds which are very popular with children.

Beatrice was on Sheffield Live radio with Oliver and Jenny to promote this event.

We are going to organise a blog to promote the Food Campaign. John is to make a start on this and send it round for others to comment on before it goes live. Someone could contribute each month to give some variety.

If you have any ideas to promote the campaign with students then please let us know.

The next meeting for the Food Group is to be confirmed shortly.