AGM - April 2016

Coordinator's Report 2015/16
We have had another successful year, where we have gone to festivals that we haven’t done before, from Wortley Hall to Beighton.  We had amazing responses and postcards signed at Heeley Festival and throughout Sheffield.

We had a number of campaigns this year with our main aim being Run on Sun; we also covered, Fracking, Smithy Wood and TTIP.  In each of these campaigns we have had big achievements, with a large amount of postcards signed and discussions over solar being installed on a school roof. With Smithy Wood we are building momentum, associations and allies so thank you David for all your hard work.

Francois has done an awful lot of work on the TTIP campaign and is managing to put pressure on MEPs to start thinking about TTIP and its consequences.

We have been involved and instrumental in the Green Commission report in collaboration with Sheffield City Council. Thank you Beatrice for all your time and energy in this project
We have been invited to speak on Sheffield live and other media outlets. Thank you to all for your hard work in this area to increase our population reach
We have also now changed how we approach campaigns, Thank you to Shaun for bringing this topic to the table.

Thank you to John and Richard for chairing meetings while I was on maternity leave and thank you to all of you for being patient with me while I learned how to be coordinator and through my pregnancy and afterwards.

Hopefully over the next year we will have even more successes and the launch of the food campaign is a huge success.

Election of Officers
John is now our Coordinator and Liddy is to continue as Treasurer. Shaun will continue with the website and electronic communications.