Food Campaign Update - March 2015

Hayley, John and Sean are the members of the sub group. The aims and objectives have been drafted which is basically to reduce amount of meat in our diets and focus on students. The campaign will be delivered through a cookbook, on-line activity, and social media. The group will explore the local community kitchens and look at the Council's school dinners policy and their food policy and Strategy. Sheffield Hallam University has expressed interest in working with us on this.

  1. Get the recipes sorted; 
  2. Global Justice stall; 
  3. Festival of Debate (which will take place in the autumn) 
  4. Sheffield Food Festival 28 -30 May.
  5. Shaun to set up a blog which links with our home page. John and the food group to provide the content for the blog for a launch before April 16th.