Zero Carbon Yorkshire Meeting

There is a day of open space conversations to explore how Yorkshire can become the first Zero Carbon region in Britain - how can we accelerate the transition to renewable energy, insulate all our homes to a high standard, reform our transport system, and move to sustainable agriculture - or whatever else you know that can help Yorkshire to make its contribution to the huge challenge of keeping the Earth's climate within sustainable limits.

The event takes place on 27 February at 11:00–14:00, Leeds Civic Hall, Calverley St, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 1UR, Leeds. See or

No one at our February meeting is able to go to this, but if anyone else has the time to go then please let us know what happened. If you are involved in the fight to tackle climate change in any way - as a grass-roots climate campaigner, local government officer or elected representative, business leader, scientist or technologist, or just a concerned Yorkshire citizen, please attend and help find a way forward to do our bit towards meeting humanity's greatest challenge.