Sheffield Climate Alliance Meeting - February 2016

About 60 people attended the recent Sheffield Climate Alliance (SCA) meeting. The first part of the event was for personal feedback from people who had been to Paris for the 2015 climate conference. The second part of the event was for local groups to give a 1 minute report on the things they have been up to and what they were planning in the near future. Richard and Fran├žois attended on behalf of Sheffield Friends of the Earth.

Richard mentioned that a lot of people are interested in the Leap Manifesto, more groups are trying to build alliances and it was good to see SCA engaging with Sheffield Muslims. It was noted that a member of SCA will be interviewed on a Bradford Asian TV channel.

Richard and Fran├žois held a small stall at the meeting to promote some of our food work (displaying pages from the meat atlas), fracking and membership leaflets.