Media Work

We have been informed that Sheffield Live would like more guest speakers on their "Sounzabouright" show. See for details. Guests generally need to be there between 3.40pm-5pm on a Thursday.

Whilst some of our members didn't fancy doing a radio interview, other members agreed to give it ago as it is a good opportunity to get our message across and is good practice for future radio and TV interviews. We also agreed that two members would be better than one as it can reduce the pressure and stress. We were informed after the meeting that Beatrice has signed up to do more shows on their radio station.

We also discussed using the print media more often. Jane agreed to produce draft articles and distribute them to the group so we can approve them before sending them to the media. We would need to let Jane know the topic well in advance.

  1. Emma would like to speak on Sheffield Live about food issues. 
  2. Beatrice has already signed up to do more talks on Sheffield Live
  3. The group needs to come up with a topic for Jane to write about. Something that will be topical in a few months’ time.