Food Campaign Update - February 2016

The current food campaign is to produce a flexitarian recipe book and to influence the University of Sheffield to provide more flexitarian options. Richard mentioned that Sheffield Climate Alliance are interested in the food campaign’s links with climate change.

Sean’s church group has already produced a flexitarian recipe book with around 70 recipes. We agreed to discuss this with Trisha at the next meeting to see if we can re-use recipes to save time and resources.

Shaun suggested spending a small sum of money to get more people liking our Facebook page. We have a small membership base at the moment (66) but some of our posts have gone viral with over 4,500 people reading them. The aim is to have a “Flexitarian Friday” post every week for a year where Shaun schedules a link to a recipe. We agreed to ask Trisha if she could provide 52 links to good flexitarian recipes with very brief comments for each recipe.

It was great to see Emma at our general meeting. She has done lots of work with food issues and has links with SHU Students’ Union.

Trisha wasn’t able to attend our general meeting, but she did make it to the Cowspiracy film screening. If anyone would like to watch it at home, the link is here

  1. Shaun to contact Trisha about the Facebook recipe campaign and look at ways of boosting our Facebook group with an advert. 
  2. Shaun to pass on Sean’s details so Trisha can look at his recipe book.