Other News in Brief

A good Christmas meal was had been all members of Sheffield Friends of the Earth.

Hayley will be having her baby early in the New Year so John has volunteered to chair the meeting in January, Richard will chair it in February.

Sheffield Climate Alliance are having a strategy meeting. They would like to link up with the FoE after the Paris event on 30th January. (this is National FoE event check website for details)

May 6th are the local council elections, perhaps we can focus on local fracking issues and environmental concerns.

Green Commission: up to version 11 of edit so not been able to send anything out for checking yet.

Brief feedback from the climate events in November and December:
  • Sheffield COP event on 28th November - it was bad weather but the event was good. 
  • London demonstration on the 29th November in London - good demonstration. Lots of things were not put in the media. 
  • Paris event - The campaigners were very creative and quick wins e.g. flash mobs, using shoes instead of people due to the ban on protests.