Food Campaign Update - December 2015

The food campaign group is focusing their attention on creating a flexitarian cook book which will provide recipes for eating less meat. It is going at a great pace and the group is aiming to provide 100 recipes. The launch of the food campaign is not until February, but it would be useful if people could try out the recipes to make sure that we have not made any mistakes so far.

Picture credit: Shaun Rumbelow

The group is also working with People and Planet and the University of Sheffield to look at their sustainability document which needs updating. Our focus for the food campaign is on students and healthier eating for them.

At the moment, it is just Sheffield and Bristol Friend of the Earth groups who are involved in flexitarian food campaigning. Once the pilot projects finish we hope it will be rolled out to other groups in our network.

Bristol's local Friends of the Earth group is looking at ways to encourage restaurants to put more vegetarian options of their menus.

The next meeting is on Thursday 14th January at 6:30pm in the Red Deer pub.