Smithy Wood Update - November 2015

The application to grant Smithy Wood a Village Green Status has failed so the fight goes on.

David has put in an objection which will be put forward to the council on the 17th January 2016. Some of the key point are:

  • The National Policy Planning Framework stated that they have to show there is a need and just because they see a gap between service stations does not necessarily mean that there is a need.
  • They say that they are creating lots of new jobs but this is contested. Jobs will be lost at other service stations and hotels.
  • By having a new hotel and retail park will actually increase traffic so will cause more of a problem not lessen it. 
  • It will increase the value of Smithy Wood from nominal to millions overnight. This will be good news for the off shore company based in Jersey and linked to Chicago, but will they syphon off all the profits from the UK as Jersey is a tax haven?

David is to see his MP regarding this issue. It was suggested that if we all contact our own councillors with the presentation and information from David then they will go to the meeting with the information needed to make a good decision as at the moment only lobbying from the applicants has been put forward and their information.

There are lots of signatures on the petition put forward by SRWT, Woodland Trust, Campaign for Rural England and CRAG. David did a presentation at Ecclesfield which was well received. David is trying to coordinate all the opposition groups.