Other Group News - November 2015

Little to report back as it is a quiet month. The next meeting is in January of the Yorkshire and Humberside network. We need to lobby our MEPs to help with this.

Green Commission. 
We are now writing up the evidence and it would be useful for interested parties to look over the document to sense check it. Jane, Francois, John, Hayley, David, Trisha will help with this.

There is a film  called "Conflict and Climate Change" supported by CND. This could be linked with the Festival of Debate if it happens again in 2016.

"Arms to renewables" film is about how people working for arms companies could use their skills to transfer to renewable energy jobs.

Richard watched a film on Wednesday 18th November at Central United Reform Church. There was a talk by Heidi Chow talk on Ghana’s Family farmers vs Global Corporations.