Food Campaign Update - November 2015

Members of the food sub-group have made a small recipe book and it has been a great success - we sold all of the copies on our stall at the Peace and Craft fair. The main aim is to reduce our meat intake and together with Bristol, Sheffield is helping to run this pilot scheme so that National FoE can roll it out nationwide with all our wonderful ideas.

We need more recipes: preferably flexitarian ones; which will be based on little meat, as well as some vegetarian and vegan ones. It will also be low in carbon, with all recipes easy to prepare and cook as well as being cheap to make with little waste. We need to put the costing in if possible. This is time consuming so if each one of us takes a recipe, cook it (if we want) and work out how much it costs it would really help. Perhaps we could also add a really nice personal comment about it.

The book will also cover environmental food issues like meat, dairy and sustainable fishing. We could also include ideas and tips from Friends of the Earth's tip of the day.

We would like it to be a book form so we are working with National FoE, but as a lot of students are connected to the Internet we would also like a downloadable version.

We have thought about launching this on Sheffield Live - we'll need to speak to them to see if this is possible? We could have a cookery programme using the recipes, perhaps with students there cooking and eating.

The Fairness Commission could help, Jane is to look into this.

We could link up with NHS Sustainability day. Could we also link up with the Sheffield Food Festival? We could also have with this a mini film festival with lots of little 10 minute clips on food and waste.

John is to coordinate any event with People and Planet as we want to involve students.