Discussion on campaigns

It was agreed to have a discussion about how we can make our campaigns more effective. Shaun and Beatrice have documented some ideas and we plan to discuss them in more detail in January.

Below are a few issues raised at our November meeting:

  • Shaun has produced a framework document which we should all read and bring to the next meeting adding any comments for discussion. 
  • How do we prioritise the campaigns in terms of choosing which ones to go for? We need clear aims and objectives to outline what we hope to achieve, how to assess the outcomes, a clear framework for the campaign and an exit strategy. We may have our own agenda in why we want to pursue a campaign and this could be noted. 
  • How do you decide for a Local or National campaign? With the Run on Sun there was not enough evidence before we went ahead with it so we asked for more information before proceeding. With the Bee Campaign it was welcomed as a success and people on stalls said that it was well received but there was no end, it seemed to drag on and lost its focus. There seemed to be no end point
  • Have we achieved milestones and objectives? Could there be someone to have a watching brief on a campaign. We need to have a sense of balance with each campaign and make sure that we re-evaluate what we are doing. Is it what we set out to do? Has it come up with the results? 
  • Have we tried to do too much? Have we failed at anything because of this? Have we failed due to lack of resources including lack of people as we have spread ourselves too thinly. 
  • What does success look like? If we have firm aims and objectives set out at the beginning then we can assess how well a campaign has gone. Have we fulfilled all or some of our objectives?