Climate Change COP Update - November 2015

Saturday 28 November
Sheffield Climate Alliance (SCA) are organising an event on 28th November at Tudor Square 12-4:30pm. They don’t need our gazebo, but they do need our tables. Beatrice is to pick them up from Richard’s house on Friday.

There is to be minimal campaign material on the tables as many groups need to share the space. We suggested putting on our fracking petition.

Stewards are needed; John and Hayley have put their names down for this. There is to be the Run on Sun costume and a cow costume.

Francois, Richard and Shaun will also be there.

Sunday 29 November
The Peoples March for Climate Justice and Jobs takes place on 29th November in London. People from Sheffield Friends of the Earth are going down to London for the big demonstration. Coaches and buses need to be booked if you want to go. Coach leaving Sheffield 7am and leaving London 5pm - cost is £18 and £12 concessions for anyone on a low income. Book on Eventbrite please

Saturday 5th December.
There is to be a walk to "Paris". Meet at Huddersfield station to start.

It will be a full day out. The trains don't get close enough to the route so it is recommended that people travel by train to and from Huddersfield. It's an 8 mile walk to Paris with frequent buses back to Huddersfield. Full details below.
Train out: Sheffield 0822 Huddersfield 0938 (change in Leeds) 
Trains back: Huddersfield 1531 arr 1651, 1555 arr 1720, 1608 arr 1732, 1631 arr 1751, 1708 arr 1831 and regularly after (some direct, some change in Leeds) 
Off peak day return £9.40
It is possible to take a later direct train from Sheffield and join at one of the stations on the route where the march will stop
Buses from Holmfirth every 15 minutes or so taking about 30 minutes to Huddersfield bus station, 5 minutes walk to rail station. Timetables via Search under route 310 (310, 314 and 316 are on the same timetable) 
It is suggested to use 1547 bus to bus station at 1621 to get the 1631 back for those who want travel as a group.

Paris Rally
There seems to be a problem with the Trip to Paris (the French one) as any demonstrations are now not going ahead or considered illegal due to the problems that ISIS have caused. Perhaps it might be worthwhile mentioning that people who wish to go should definitely check with the Sheffield Climate Alliance website before going.