TTIP Campaign Update - October 2015

Francois went to the meeting of the Yorkshire and Humber on 12th September. Jude Kirton-Darling MEP seems to think that having a trade deal is good in principle but there are 4 red lines that must not be crossed. Unfortunately, they seem to be flexible redlines. The NHS must not be touched. The Investor-State Dispute Settlement ISDS (non-binding vote) has been toned down but is still there.

GMOs and chemically washed beef are already coming into the EU from the US unhindered as though they are so sure that it is a done deal. More information needs to go to MEPs so that they understand our concerns. The CBI is pushing for this deal. The petition against it reached 3 million signatures and has been handed in. There was a huge demonstration in Berlin with 250,000 people against TTIP. Can we do more lobbying in parliament? Can we put more pressure on MPs? Trish pointed out the some organisations only count the same worded petition as being from one person. If we sign a petition we need to customise the heading and the content so it will be counted as a unique letter.

Sheffield Friends of the Earth campaigning against TTIP.