Food Campaign Update - October 2015

The focus of attention so far has been on the University of Sheffield as we have links with the People and Planet group there and it was felt that the Sustainability document is perhaps out of date and needs re-looking at.

We could encourage the students to go meat free and/or reduce their meat intake. We also felt that the university as a whole could reduce their meat intake. The Students' Union has a great deal of control over the food outlets and whilst they are extremely good in providing fair trade/organic/local produce, it was felt that they could perhaps do more to push for a more sustainable programme.

We need to work out what the aims and objectives are for our group so that we can make sure that we can fully project what we want others to do. We want a student focus campaign and hope that the student body can help formulate this. Perhaps we could organise a couple of focus groups within the university; from the student union, academics, non-academic, support staff, admin, essentially people who do not know each other. John and Hayley are to lead these groups. We would like the groups to formulate a policy document to encourage all at the university to think about what they are eating. Francois will help with this. We could contact the Green Impact Scheme to support this campaign.

Another meeting was held on Wednesday 21st October at 6:30 in the Red Deer pub.