Climate Change - Sun 29 Nov - The People’s March for Climate, Justice and Jobs

Rise up and join The People’s March for Climate, Justice and Jobs on Sunday 29 November in central London. Expect Mr Frackhead to make an appearance, many buzzing bees and join us for the biggest climate demonstration ever planned in Britain.

As politicians set off for the climate talks in Paris, our demands need to be ringing in their ears. No to dirty energy; yes to renewables; climate jobs now; justice for people. That's why we're rising up with huge marches planned in cities all over the world. Together we’ll use our music, banners, placards and voices to call for action on climate.

All over the world people are already building real solutions: public renewable energy, green infrastructure, millions of clean jobs. But this needs to happen faster, at scale and with people at its centre. People understand what needs to be done to tackle climate change. It's time politicians caught up with the demands of the people. Will you be marching?

On Sunday 29 November, people will march in London, on what's intended to be the largest climate demonstration ever in Britain. March with us as Friends of the Earth.

If you want all the latest information about the London march from transport information to where you can grab a placard then sign up below and national Friends of the Earth will make sure you're kept up to date. . Also check out the Facebook pages here and here.

Sheffield Friends of the Earth is working with other groups to arrange transport so please keep checking this website and our Facebook page.